RANTING & RAVING: so, who should I vote for in 2012? Why Pres. Obama? Why one of the Republicans? Anybody else? I am very curious if you are willing to share…

Political blogging and soap-boxing is not normally my thing.

I have to admit, though, that I have been a lot more opinionated as of late. More than ever before, the purpose and influence of government has become important to me. And it sure seems to me more than ever before that the office of the President has influence on the everyday of our lives in this country.

Up front, let me say, this is no bash on Pres. Obama. Although I registered as a Republican when I was 18 and just have not changed the registration, I have voted more like an independent over the years. So, this is a sincere call out to anyone willing to share their opinions on who to vote for in 2012 and why.

Please follow these stipulations, though:

  • base your reasoning on what the candidate you are supporting believes and will do, not on what an opponent has done or not done.
  • give as honest and open an opinion as you can. Don’t play party politics here. Understand that party ties are becoming less and less important as people are becoming less and less confident in the current structure in DC.
  • please share at least one insight into the proven leadership of the candidate, the displayed character of the candidate, the counselors whom he or she listens to and why that strengthens that candidate, and a specific way that the candidate will help to keep us safe, secure, and economically strong.
  • please tell me what this candidate plans to do to balance the federal budget, if he or she has a plan to do so.

I am curious to see if anyone even comments. And if they do, I am eager to read them and interact. And trust me, over the course of all that goes on between now and November 2012, I assure you that I will be asking for more and more opinion on this issue as well as giving some of my own.

This political blogging could be fun :)

One thought on “RANTING & RAVING: so, who should I vote for in 2012? Why Pres. Obama? Why one of the Republicans? Anybody else? I am very curious if you are willing to share…

  1. I say we all write in “Jesus” and try to go back to having a Theocracy.

    On a serious note, I haven’t had time to look into who I would vote for specifically, but I definitely agree that party politics really shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Do we vote Republican, who often neglect the poor and needy? Do we vote Democrat, who are apparently anti-Christian (overall, by actions)? That and voting for a particular party allows people to be ignorant and avoid actually investigating a candidate to see whether the candidates beliefs line up with why they would vote for a particular party, as well as leaving a question as to whether the candidate’s history in their current political role gives grounds to believe the promises they make to get into the Presidential office.

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