RANTING & RAVING: are we ready for what may come when we pray “Lord, please show us Your glory”?

The “RANTING & RAVING” series continues this week with a short post on a not so short-answer question. It comes in light of the fact that the 2011 LIVE SENT Conversation is this Friday and Saturday with a theme of “Everybody Plays.” The meaning of this theme is that every follower of Jesus is valuable in the mission of God lived out daily, every follower should be equipped to make disciples among neighbors and nations, and then every follower should actually do that for which they have been equipped.

People often pray a prayer in accordance to this kind of all-of-us-together movement of God’s people.

“Lord, please show us Your glory.”

We pray this prayer in hopes that God will do something amazing among us that will then cause “everybody to play” with Him and with one another.

However, that prayer is one that many individuals prayed in the Scriptures, a prayer that God answered yes for a few but no for most. But God told us how to bring the “yes” answer to the prayer. The problem is that it wasn’t through some individualistic desire to see God for who He really is. It is instead through His church being salt and light together (Matthew 5:13-16), through His people growing in the maturity of unity (John 17:18-23), and through His church unifying around giving themselves away together in their daily rhythms (Ephesians 4).

Rather than praying that prayer, maybe we should begin to live WITH that glorious God His mission together in unity as His followers following One Spirit’s lead every day. Maybe if we do this, we will see His glory. Maybe He will show Himself through unconditional love demonstrated via the selfless unity of otherwise self-abrobed people.

Here’s the question I am pondering, though:

<< But are we ready for the implications of what may come as a result of this prayer and commitment, if we really lived out what Jesus intended for His church? >>

I am not sure I am. I am not sure we are.

Why would I say that?

Because God throughout Scripture shows His glory via “a way where there seems to be no way” in the Old Testament and via “resurrection” (aka a way where there seems to be no way) in the New Testament. And because in order for resurrection power to be put on display, there must be DEATH present.

This is what scares us.

The death of what?

Tune in over the next three days to read and then share your thoughts about what I would suggest must die in order for His glorious, resurrection power to be put on display.

Much love.

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