Check out Hoping to encourage readers toward cultivating the Gospel in our daily rhythms.

Do you approach life like it’s construction or like it’s cultivation?

What do I mean? Well, by “construction” I mean like you have a blueprint, you will plan out the work, it is going to go as you hoped for, and you will end up with the pre-designed, expected result. By “cultivation” I mean you have seeds, you plow the ground, you plant the seeds, you water them, and you hope for the best but press on knowing you have little control over what is reaped. Life is a lot more like the latter metaphor isn’t it?

If that’s the case, then what is it that we are cultivating? At the risk of sounding like a simpleton, I would suggest what we must cultivate is the Gospel – that good news that God took the initiative before we said we were sorry to come near to us and make clear His before-creation, all-forgiving, enduringly-patient, selfishness-wrecking, relationship-restoring, daily-mission-compelling, eternally-together love for us. He is so good and so gracious, and His message sent through His Son reminds us of our brokenness but doesn’t leave us there. He is so intentional and compassionate, and His performance trumps ours unconditionally, calling to do more than just live FOR Him but rather to live WITH Him. His love wrecks us in our self-absorption, restores us into daily love relationship, and now compels us to give away what has been given unto us.

This is what we must cultivate. Into our homes, our neighborhood, the marketplace, and our world. And we must cultivate the Gospel with the same presence and power as the One who came near to us and now resides in us, being patient when there is little result, being steadfast when there seems like there’s no growth. Why? Because we do not control the reaping. We only partake in the sowing.

Thus, the name of this blog and the focus of the posts herein. On Mondays, be looking for posts on cultivating the Gospel into our families. On Tuesdays, be looking for posts on cultivating the Gospel into our neighbors and communities. On Wednesdays, be looking for posts on cultivating the Gospel into the people of the marketplace around the cities where we live. On Thursdays, be looking for posts on cultivating the Gospel into the nations. And on Fridays, be looking for posts on cultivating for unity around the mission of the Gospel with other followers of Jesus in the community where you live.

The Sent One now sends us to plant and water and love, and when we do, we will truly live as He intended.

May we be cultivating daily.

PS _ be looking for the posts to begin next week, Dec 5th.

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