Cultivating Daily unto the nations: two signs you are committed to love the nations…

The mandate to love both neighbors and nations is clear in the teachings of Jesus. Are you committed to cultivate the Gospel of the near love of Jesus unto the nations?

Be careful. Watching a documentary and becoming emotional about international needs is not a sign of commitment to the nations. Even writing a check so someone else can go is not the most formidable sign that you are committed to love the nations.

I would suggest two very simple evidences that you are actually committed to cultivate the Gospel unto the nations:

1. PRAY.
Yeah. Really. Pray. May we not forget that their is a thief trying to steal life; a lion seeking to devour. And our battle against him is an offensive attack of praying for supernatural help and leaning on the reality of the Scriptures rather than the lies whispered by the evil one. This is so vital for loving the nations and praying for our hearts and the hearts of those across the world to believe in the God who so loved the world rather than in the lies that often prevail about how hopeless and unlovable they are.

Yep. That’s right. This one is not original to me, although I can’t remember who suggested this (lots of folks I am sure). Don’t ever forget that the presence of the Gospel is more vital that the presentation of the Gospel, and the former is the bridge that authenticates the latter. Actually going yourself, loving right there where they are, and learning alongside them the ways of the Kingdom (drop the notion of superiority that they need you – you may actually be the one who needs to go because you need them).

:: Do you need a passport? Start the process by CLICKING HERE.

:: Are you going to the nations soon? Tell us about it that we might be praying with you and for you and for them.

May we be cultivating daily into the nations in these simple ways, along with others that the Spirit brings to our mind and heart. And may we go and be the family of God among the lonely, all the while humbling ourselves to be changed by what we witness in the beauty of the people and culture there.

“As the Father has sent Me, so I am sending you” both to neighbors and nations.

Lord, teach us to love how You have loved us.

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