Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Three short videos to celebrate the day…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone!!! I saw these three videos and thought you might enjoy them, too. The first two are short stories on St. Patrick, one from Brown Bag Productions which is an award-winning film company out of Europe. The third video is an online commercial from the Guinness company that is pretty funny – a sheep dog gathering folks together for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

The fact that St. Patrick tends to be celebrated and highlighted more in the pubs than in church buildings possibly suggests two things – (1) that folks are quick to use a good excuse to party hard and (2) that the church should consider having more of a presence at Matthew’s house than at their own house (Matthew 9 and 10). Just thinking / typing out loud :-)

Much love. Grateful for the story, although definitely debatable and not definitive, of a guy like Patrick who prayed a lot and talked about Shamrocks a lot and seemed to love people with the near love of Jesus.

Don’t forget to wear green!

Here are the videos:

The Story of St. Patrick

A Short Story of St. Patrick

“Round Up Your Mates” from Guinness

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