What did we learn / notice from the Chick-Fil-A brew-ha-ha? Your thoughts?


Well, last Wednesday and Friday for Chick-Fil-A came and went. I was blown away by so many of you responding to the post I posted last week regarding all the attention and conflict.

Some of you inquired how my visit to my favorite carrot-raisin-salad restaurant went last Friday. It was completely uneventful. I visited both the Chick-Fil-A’s near our home, and there was nothing abnormal except for the shorter line in the drive-thru.

So what did we learn from / notice about this whole brew-ha-ha? I would like to hear your thoughts. Here are three of mine.

…that most people who “appreciated” Chick-Fil-A on Wednesday cared less about same-sex marriage and more about speaking out against government officials trying to manipulate private sector businesses. People spoke vehemently on the matter.

…that GLAAD doesn’t have the influence that Mike Huckabee has. I am actually not a big fan of Mike Huckabee, but let’s just say that Dan Cathy better send him a Christmas card with a million dollar gift card in it. Better yet, I like the suggestions of some commenters on CNN.com that Chick-Fil-A should give of the proceeds toward world hunger organizations they believe in.

…that there are a lot of folks who are part of the American church that are hurting for guidance and wisdom and insight on how to relate with and care about the gay and lesbian community. Lord, give us wisdom and teach us how to love both You and people.

So, what are your thoughts? Please share.

Much love.

2 thoughts on “What did we learn / notice from the Chick-Fil-A brew-ha-ha? Your thoughts?

  1. I’m a Christian but I also have many Gay friends. I don’t feel like I am compromising my beliefs by being their friend. It gives me a unique opportunity to be a representative of belief system based on Love and understanding not bigotry and hate. Sadly many of the “believers” that my friends have come in contact with have been hateful and mean. Treating them as if they were nasty or diseased. The majority of people see the people of Westboro Baptist Church as the main representatives for our faith. I think its sad that that’s the case. What if more of us were to stand up and reach out, not with judgement on our minds but with Christ in our hearts. If you think about it, that’s exactly what Jesus did. He reached out to those who needed him regardless of life choices or physical condition.

    • Good word Amanda. Love is the laying my life down for someone, my interest taking a backseat, valuing their story while at the same time paying attention to the bigger story God is writing that He graciously invites us into.

      May we as the church grow in wisdom on how to love and to value each person we encounter the way Jesus did. And may we be used by Him to encourage others to go with Him, because He meets us where we are but does not leave us as we are but makes us to become what He intended.

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