a train to Venice.

Friday morning, we lugged our luggage from our hotel over to the train station in Florence. We waited for 9404, a speed train from Florence to Venice. Two hours later, we were crossing the lagoon into the Venice train station. Here are a few pics of that trek:

2 of the 17 boarding walkways at the Florence train station

waiting for the train

taking a nap on the train ride

the trees lean at 120 mph

our 1st view of Venice

So, we got to the train station, got our luggage off, and headed out front to catch a water taxi to the hotel. This was our 1st view of Venice above.

Following are pics from the rest of the day. We got to our hotel, grabbed a quick sandwich at the cafe next door, and met up with our guide. She took us through the city streets to St. Mark’s square where we were amazed by the size as well as the art of St. Mark’s Cathedral. You will see it in the pics. The mosaics showed the patience and creativity of the artists of old. That is a dying art, one that needs to live on.

Anyway – learning and seeing a lot. Hoping to post more thoughts. Meantime, here are some pics from the walk around Venice our 1st day here (yesterday), all taken with my iPhone if you can believe it.

the style of Venice

the sign on the left is our hotel

our room. dad has the big bed.

the church bldg near our hotel built in the 8th century

one of the famous Gondolas

the bridge at Rialto

Venice created "Carnival". Everyone wore a mask. Here are some examples...

the wolf and the pig

the duck and the cat

purple ones (i took this for KG)

a fancy one, like Abby

my favorite pic of the day, not cropped at all

inside the Ferrari shop (i took this for Caleb)

the famous, decorated clock tower on St. Mark's square

a portion of the very large facade of St. Mark's Cathedral

those are little pieces of glass!!! i dig mosaics.

the bell tower of St. Mark's square (real tall)

part of the Dogo Palace

just thought this corridor was cool

a tired, touring bunch

the dungeon of the palace

Pop in front of the oldest coffee shop in Europe (the Florian)

St. Mark's square at dusk

St. George island and cathedral at dusk (across the lagoon from St. Mark's square)

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