an interesting article on current marketplace issues

A friend of mine sent me this article from the Financial Times by  Richard Layard. Great perspective. My friend’s comment was:

I thought this missed the punchline about doing life together and who the best role model was, but good piece from the Financial Times.

Click here to read “Now Is the Time for a Less Selfish Capitalism”

Let me know your thoughts. What do you think would really stimulate the economy right now???

what do we do with all this information?

Please take a few minutes to watch this video…

Now – what do we do with this?

  • As individuals?
  • As parents?
  • As leaders in our various spheres?
  • As those who navigate the web frequently?
  • As those who use the web to connect and communicate?
  • Are we in a new era – a second tower-of-Babel type of era? 
  • What will come of this for humanity over the next 5 years? How will the current economic state impact this trending?

If you don’t think this is significant, then you are out of touch with current culture. Sociologically, psychologically, relationally, futuristically, nationally, internationally, individually, and as humanity, what we do with all this information and how we continue to interact with “it” and with one another is vital and definitive.

Please comment. I would really like to learn and dialogue on this. Thanks!